PanaceaWrap Diamond - made to endure the harshest environments

The metal wrap that industry leaders ask for by name

High tech wrap for high value shipments

Keep your metal protected to its final destination

PanaceaWrap combines stretch film with high cling, puncture resistant, reinforcing mesh and a corrosion inhibitor into a single high tech film that provides complete protection and a strong ROI.

The one and only, ultra-strong, stretchable reinforced metal wrap

Keeps corrosion out

PanaceaWrap is tough enough to withstand even the most demanding handling, transportation and storage environments.

Improves packaging efficiency

Engineered to simplify the wrapping process, PanaceaWrap reduces changeover time and improves efficiency because one metal wrap is all you need for complete protection.

Not all metal wraps are created equal

Only PanaceaWrap consistently protects, saves time and delivers a high ROI.

Our Products

PanaceaWrap comes in two varieties that can be customized to fit your unique operation.


The original, one and only reinforced multilayer metal wrap.

PanaceaWrap Diamond

All the benefits of the original and extra abrasion resistance.

PanaceaWrap just got even tougher.

Compression cuts, tears and poor metal wrap seals cause damage to your cargo and bottom line. It’s time to rethink how you protect your high value metal shipments.

Introducing new, extra tough PanaceaWrap Diamond.

Give us an hour and let us show you how to cut your losses with new Panacea Wrap Diamond – the toughest metal wrap in the market.

Get complete customer care

  • One-on-one training and service support
  • On-site customization to fit your unique wrapping needs
  • Special layers, sizes, colours and branding on demand
  • Direct access to our R&D team for the latest improvements
  • On-site service and shuttle maintenance available

Need a better metal wrap?
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