The PanaceaWrap Story

In the early 2000s, the steel industry was in the midst of automating to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. But wrapping metal coils was still a very inefficient, labour intensive manual process.

Steel producers were either wrapping manually or auto-wrapping with two or more layers, sometimes with angle boards for extra protection. Our vision was to develop a revolutionary metal wrap—one that would extend the automation cost-saving trend to steel packaging. The right wrap would do a better job of protecting metals, save time and reduce the cost per coil.

Our secret: laminating multiple layers

In 2006 our initial research and development was completed on PanaceaWrap and we had a stretchable, reinforced wrap that’s tough as nails and highly cost-efficient. The secret we found was our multi-layer lamination process, which produces an ultra-durable wrap. Applied primarily by wrapping through the eye of the horizontal coil with automated equipment such as the Coil Master MK1 machine from Fleetwood-Signode, metal producers could now experience unprecedented efficiency, consistency and protection.

Later that year, the first PanaceaWrap hit the market. Steel producers loved it. What we came up with was so much better than what was available that to this day, PanaceaWrap is still one-of-a-kind. Our patented* metal wraps continue to deliver unmatched results with benchmark cost efficiency and are used by leading metal producers throughout the world.

PanaceaWrap is committed to ongoing research and development, resulting in innovative wraps that better meet metal producers’ needs.

* US Patent NO: US 8,080,304 B2

The PanaceaWrap Team

Tom Clarke,

President and Chief Innovator

Tom is PanaceaWrap’s fearless leader and Chief Innovator. He created PanaceaWrap in early 2000, bringing much needed packaging innovation to the metals industry.

Tom continues to push boundaries and come up with visionary ways to innovate and solve client problems. His creative spark and drive to push beyond the status quo, energizes the PanaceaWrap Team and pushes them to think outside the box.

Tom has spent over two decades in the packaging industry. Prior to starting PanaceaWrap he hailed from Proctor and Gamble where he made his mark in Europe and North America. Since then, he has spent the last 13+ years specializing his skills in the metals industry and local containment segment.

In his spare time, Tom runs Ironman Triathlons. His favourite aspect of triathlon is the community of athletes that share his outlook of continually striving to be better today then they were yesterday.

Janice Brooks

Head of Marketing, PanaceaWrap, B.Sc., MBA

As a seasoned marketer with 20+ years working for multi-national companies, Janice brings expertise and a creative approach to her role as Head of Marketing for PanaceaWrap. Janice has a track record of exceeding business targets as a result of her strategic and collaborative approach to product and packaging innovation.

From strategic planning and brand management to building pallets to test new packaging ideas for PanaceaWrap, Janice rolls up her sleeves to deliver results.

In her spare time, Janice channels her creativity into planning, designing and building gardens.

Jyotin Raithatha

R&D Manufacturing Leader, Engineer

As PanaceaWrap’s R&D Manufacturing Leader, Jyotin is responsible for bringing packaging innovation to life. Jyotin has been involved with PanaceaWrap since its inception and continues to be instrumental in ongoing research and development. He is a diligent, creative problem solver who thrives on challenges and can be counted on to ‘get it done’.

Jyotin has 20 years of metals industry expertise with experience in various blast furnace roles and a deep knowledge of film lamination and converting techniques.

Kevin Knapp

North America Commercial Sales Director

Kevin’s role at PanaceaWrap involves overseeing commercial sales and ongoing client relationship management.

Kevin brings extensive plastics experience and a deep understanding of the North American metals industry to each and every customer meeting. Kevin’s work at companies like Sigma Stretch Films, Berry Plastics has resulted in significant corporate growth and garnered manufacturing sales representative of the year awards from a major distributor for multiple years.

Need a new metal wrap? Call Kevin to learn how we can tailor PanaceaWrap to your unique operations.

Kevin is a retired U.S Army-Infantry soldier who served his country proudly. He is actively involved with helping Veterans through committee involvement with American Legion and Veterans Services Committee with Elks Lodge B.P.O.E 213- York, Pa.

Mike Hanstock

Quality Leader, Industrial Engineer

As Quality Engineer at PanaceaWrap, Mike is responsible for error prevention and continuous improvement through manufacturing process and product changes.

Mike works closely with customers to understand their unique needs and challenges.

He has a stellar quality and customer satisfaction track record gained through 20+ years experience in various industries including durable good assembly, plastics compounding and polymer web products.

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